Listen to “Shining,” Beyoncé’s Last Word at the Grammys


Listen to “Shining,” Beyoncé’s Last Word at the Grammys
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Of course Beyoncé knew she’d lose to Adele. She knew it as she sashayed onto the stage to accept her Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album, an award that was introduced, in 2013, to recognize the fragmented bloom of R. & B. music. Like most genre-based awards, historically, this one has not been televised during the main Grammys broadcast. The decision to televise the award this year felt ominous—as if the Grammys knew that Adele would sweep the major categories, and it needed to create an opening for Beyoncé to get behind the podium during the telecast. Wearing an intricate gold dress over her pregnant belly and a head covering that made her look like a matriarchal empress, Beyoncé delivered her acceptance speech from a gilded card, offering unusually long and politically minded remarks. “My intention for the film and album was to create a body of work that would give voice to our pain, our struggles, our darkness, and our history,” she said. “To confront issues that make us uncomfortable.” There was no need to save anything for later in the evening; for Beyoncé, there would be no later at the Grammys.

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Listen to “Shining,” Beyoncé’s Last Word at the Grammys