What is Private Army MC?

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Founded in 2010, Toronto based Private Army MC has grown in involvement to more than 40 members from all walks of life. Construction workers, medical personnel, business owners, ex-military, lawyers and those involved in security round out membership in this motorcycle club from Cornwall, Ottawa, Brockville and Toronto. With a purpose to build a sense of community through the love of riding their bikes, fundraising for good causes and creating a fellowship of support and understanding, Private Army members know they can count on one another.

For those who do not understand the difference in gangs vs motorcycle communities and motorcycle clubs, here is a brief explanation.


MC means motorcycle club and Private Army MC is a motorcycle club. Private Army members are not involved in organized crime nor is Private Army MC a criminal enterprise. It is very important to Private Army MC members that they breakdown this negative stereotype that motorcycle clubs are fronts for gangs.

Private Army MC has elected officers and directors; collects dues and regularly meets, including putting together publications of what Private Army members are doing. As a legitimate motorcycle club, Private Army MC has objectives within its constitution and membership to build fellowship, fundraise for local causes and to educate members on motorcycle technology etc. With the love of riding, Private Army MC also organizes rallies for members to participate as well.

MC’s do have patches including Private Army MC:


Patches tell a story and help bring members together in mutual fellowship. Members who have completed a probationary period and have been voted into the club, only then obtain their patches. Members must uphold values of respect for one another as well as within the regular community maintain their membership.

Riding clubs are little different from actual motorcycle clubs. Riding clubs tend to not have a constitution nor elected members. Riding clubs rarely wear a patch or leather vest, and if they do their patch has a different structure from the motorcycle club.

In the Private Army MC patch, which as a traditional motorcycle club, members have a leather vest with the separated three-piece patch on the back. The top patch indicates their name, the center patch their logo and the bottom patch is the city, area or community they ride in.

Membership in a motorcycle club is not for everyone. That is why riding clubs also exist as they have a looser structure based on less commitment. In the Private Army MC, members follow rules, regulations and commit to meet and support each other at designated times. Failure to do so has consequences to maintaining that membership. Whereas riding clubs, individuals come and go.

Interest to join Private Army MC requires sponsorship from within. So not everyone can contact the president and ask for membership. But do not hesitate to reach out, appointed directors are happy to share information or make recommendations.

Motorcycle clubs who are on the up-and-up most often install measures that ensure their membership engagement is only for the social experience and developing fellowship through the love of motorcycles; not for other activities that can put other members under suspicion or create a negative cloud around the club and its activities. Private Army MC is one such club that demands such commitment from its members.

Please stay tuned for more updates on club activities, fundraising rallies and milestone achievements.


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