Who is the Enemy?

Robin Schiff

Robin’s Ramblings

Who is the Enemy?

People seem to think that there is some black and white definition of who is good and who is bad and that there are people that must be your friends or enemies according to who is of the same religion. race or culture.  These people that think like this have missed out on what true humanity is.  Truth is Israel does not represent anyone but Israelis and with the extreme politics going on there it doesn’t represent all of them either. Those of us fighting for human rights see people as human beings first and foremost.  All the rest are categories of invisible borders that we have created between people.  That of course is fine except for when people use these borders to define people as good or bad or rather if they have the right to life, liberty and safety.

I really thought that after civil rights people would understand that joint humanity should come first but I was wrong.  Instead of the Holocaust teaching never again for all, it seems to have created a poison kernel within much of society that promotes only Jews deserve to be safe and all others should support that no matter who else is hurt in the process.

I’m tired of being told as a person who was born a Jew, that all Palestinians are my enemy and no matter what Israel does I must support it and its government.  Well I am here to tell you that Israel doesn’t represent me. Morally the racist hateful behavior of much of its government and its representatives are reprehensible.  There is little of Jewish morality left on the way it approaches the occupation and the people it occupies.  It can keep spreading the propaganda of its behavior being security but there is no security in its forces going into Arab towns and villages to push its weight around to protect settlements that should never have been there in the first place.   It’s time the world sees who are the real terrorists.  Who are the people that weekly terrorize residents of the west bank as well as shoot Farmers and Fishermen in Gaza.  No Palestinian is walking into Jewish communities to terrorize them weekly.  Can we wake up now from the nightmare that Israel and Zionists have instilled and realize both sides are human?  Neither are good or bad but both need to be acknowledged as human beings first.  We don’t live in the Comic Book world of Good vs Evil and it is time to stop acting as if we did.