Where is Humanity? Free Gaza & Palestine

Robin Schiff

Robin’s Ramblings

Starting today we will be beginning a new column in our magazine called Robin’s Ramblings.  It will be a editorial about current events and activities happening in this world.  Please read and enjoy and I also welcome suggestions for other topics for this column…


where is the humanity


So many of my friends in Gaza want peace . They are so sick of Israel never leaving them alone and the government never stopping the slander against them. Palestinians in Gaza just want to be able to live their lives in freedom and to be able to go where they want and make a good living for their families. Unlike Israeli paranoia they are not spending every waking moment in revenge planning. Most are peaceful loving and caring human beings who embody the best of human nature. They worship education and learning and are some of the most intelligent and creative people in the world .

Most of the people in Gaza have never known peace. Even before 2005 Israel controlled their lives. Never have they had a full day of freedom. Despite this the UN lets Israel continue to control them not even sanctioning them for all the cease fire violations Israel has continued since 2001. No one would say any population has the right to put curfews on another population and control the economy and infrastructure of another people, but Israel does both and has the nerve to say it is for security. Seriously when is the world going to wake up and see it is a scam which has been one since the 1930s when the Zionist congress in Europe planned this to take over and colonize all of the holy land. The rest of the world instead of stopping them rewarded them for their true terrorism . No wonder Israel believes they have the right to do whatever they want and the world will look away.

Finally we have found Israels Achilles heel . We can’t let Israel and their money bags stop us. Now is the time to put the pressure on. A whole generation of children rely on us.