SFMTO and the Palestinian Genocide

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Time to Explain to San Francisco Transit how they are supporting the Palestinian Genocide while Violating their own Advertising Standards


SFMTA advertising contractors shall not post any advertisement that is clearly defamatory or advocates imminent lawlessness or violent action.”

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By allowing such ads, which are not only false, but also misleading with the purpose to promote hateful stereotypes, the San Francisco Metro Transit is participating in a propaganda campaign that dehumanizes Palestinians.

Dehumanizing Palestinians is a key element to the Palestinian genocide.

Such an ad stereotypes Palestinians as violent, murderous and terroristic, as subhuman and deserving of their suffering.

Such an ad promotes a false narrative that Palestinians want to kill all Jews and Israelis.

Such an ad misrepresents Palestinian children so Israel is able to continue its oppressive policies. Such policies include daily abductions of Palestinian children who are illegally taken into Israel. That these children are unlawfully detained, are denied legal or parental representation while subjected to threats, torture and even sexual violence, is silenced by ads such as above.


Such an ad denies that Israel has extrajudicially executed since October 2015, 245 Palestinian people who are mostly children and young adults with head shots and shots to the back.

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Such an ad silences the Israeli inflicted 51-day illegal war on Gaza in 2014. More than 2500 Palestinian civilians were killed where 543 were children; leaving more than 10,000 injured and 1100 plus permanently disabled.

Such an ad promotes the genocidal theme, “they are out to get us, and so we have the right to get them first”.

Such an ad muzzles the illegal Israeli ten-year blockade on Gaza, which is an act of war for the simple purpose to force the Palestinians in Gaza to either die or give up. Blockades have also been tried as war crimes.


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That the Palestinian Genocide is a success is because of ads like these that silence the truth, that classify Palestinians as sub-human through the symbolization of violence=Palestine that not only violates human respect for all rights but also the SFMTA advertising policy.

That Palestinians are unarmed, and Israel is heavily armed is never conveyed.

Ads such as above endorse the discrimination Palestinians experience based on their religion and ethnic heritage both inside and outside Israel.

Such an ad fuels Israeli led divided-society paradigms to dominate communities inside and outside Israel with false narratives as depicted above.

Such an ad contravenes the reality that Palestinians do not need to teach their children to hate or be violent.

Palestinian children witness Israeli hate and violence every day. Israeli inflicted violence happens on Palestinian streets, at the 600 plus roadblocks and checkpoints set up by Israel to ensure Palestinians are unable to function economically, socially or independently.

Palestinian children witness Israeli hate and violence when hundreds of one-tonne bombs are dropped on their homes or their neighbours’ homes; or when their community is drenched with skunk spray if they dare to complain.

That the dehumanization of Palestinians through ads such as these are normalized to fuel Israeli-led dogmas to direct the world to disassociate themselves from the Palestinian people, denies that the Palestinians are the vulnerable unarmed population now seven decades suffering with no recourse or hope for self-determination.

Ads such as above nurtures hate towards Palestinians.

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Ads such as above polarize Palestinians and Israelis via their ethnic and religious affiliations for the purpose to separate Palestinians not just from Israelis but also the world. These ads leave the regular viewer to believe that the Israelis are the superior peaceful elite group when in fact Israel is committing genocide now in its seventh decade on the Palestinian people.

Ads such as above help Israel prepare more intensive military operations against the Palestinians by controlling the discourse and promoting false narratives. These efforts are for the purpose to suppress dialogues with moderates from within along with outside governments who wish to question such abusive criminal acts. This is a key feature when a genocide or politicide is in preparation mode.


At this moment a wave of heavy persecution on Palestinians is being raged by Israel in the illegally occupied territories and Gaza. Major violations to Palestinian human rights, including most specifically extrajudicial executions are happening almost every day. This ad silences these truths.

The reality is that Palestinians have been subject to extermination programs repeatedly by Israel since the first war that began in 1936 before Palestine became Israel in 1948.

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Ads such as the above denies that Palestinians have experienced multiple massacres and ethnic cleansing of more than one million Palestinians so that Israel could homogenize the region with Jewish only residents.

Denial fuels Israeli impunity so that the genocide can continue.

Israel has inflicted more than 900,000 avoidable Palestinian deaths through this machine of genocide denial since 1936. All of which has been ignored by the world as Palestinians are featured in such dehumanizing displays in despicable misleading ads such as above.

San Francisco is a city known around the world for its advocacy, tolerance, human respect and openness to the truth.

To respond to a complaint that that ads were perhaps offensive, that the ads were not hate-mongering or promoting Palestinians with violent stereotypes as free speech is also key to supporting the Palestinian genocide.

Free speech in genocide is a key feature in which the oppressor controls the negative discourse over the truth, while manipulating laws on free speech to cover-up the crimes including state-sponsored systematic silencing of dissent.


The First Amendment on free speech protection does not cover slander or libel, does not cover hate promotion, and does not cover the promotion of negative stereotypes.

That US aid has been cut to Palestine with only $290 million allocated for more than five million people who are prohibited by Israel to sustain themselves is egregious. To allow such an ad to demand more cuts supports the genocide.

Meanwhile US financial and military aid for Israel contravening its own rules and regulations has increased to more than $3.5 billion a year. This aid is for the purpose so Israel can continue its genocide of the Palestinians, not to maintain “security”.

That Israel is also withholding $127 million and counting in Palestinian tax monies accumulated by Palestinians now in the second year further inhibits the Palestinian population.

No good comes from oppressing people. San Francisco should know that with their colourful and storied history that broke many social, human rights and legal barriers:

SFMTA advertising contractors shall not post any advertisement that is clearly defamatory or advocates imminent lawlessness or violent action.”

That the copyright for those pictures may be in question, as these pictures are frequently circulated online without indicating where, when and who took the picture may also be in violation of the SFMTA advertising standards as well.

And finally Israeli supporters are hardly the moral authority on the weaponizing and militarization of children and youth. Israeli children from birth are hate and military indoctrinated to accept conscription at age 18 years, that after completing service, many young people leave the Israeli military broken and depressed as they live with regret for the crimes they either participated in or witnessed.

The SFMTA needs to remove these ads immediately.

FYI: Israeli and Palestinian Human Rights Organizations:


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