Shock and Awe of Milo

Alma Wood

I have to admit I largely have ignored the Milo phenomenon. His “Milo-smithed” phrasing “feminism is cancer” shutdown any interest to be frank. All things considered, Milo takes a good picture much like Anne Coulter and Pamela Geller. For that reason he is taken notice for his message coupled by his engaging physicality.

Help the Man, in fact Help us All

Milo was recently a guest on Bill Maher’s show on HBO. Maher’s other guests were not having Milo’s bulls*it. His self-confessed disapproval of feminism, female gaming, #BlackLivesMatter, social justice, Liberals, “the left”, transgenderism and minority groups including Jewish, Black, Muslims and the LGBTT invoked such feelings.

Maher lost me when he analogized Milo as a younger Christopher Hitchens. That Milo and Hitchens both have English accents would be the only commonality… few in my opinion could ever strive to be in the same league of the late Christopher Hitchens. And Hitchens would have ate Milo, spat him out, ate him again while contriving a good joke to tell later in a column or appearance.

Milo to his chagrin was out of his element at Maher’s table. His reliance on past audiences to validate his intolerable pomposity was not happening. Milo was not able to gain any traction. And goodness knows Maher threw Milo many bones.


When confronted by fellow panelists, Milo could not match their intellect. So like other misogynist racists he fell on old tired claims to justify his absurdities. Being “the openly gay Catholic son of a Jewish woman involved in a long-term relationship with a black man” evidently in his mind gives him a free pass.

But then two days later Milo held a press conference to deny allegations he validated pedophilia. I was struck by his incredible vulnerability through his use of language and expression.

What was clear to me is that Milo is a wounded person. He expressed that he was molested by authority figures who were so good at what they were doing, he did not realize that he was a victim until much later in his adulthood.

Survival of the Fittest

This explains Milo’s “I will get you before you get me” survivor mentality. His ability however to monetize his attacks is sadly an accomplishment thanks to the power of Internet technology and social media success of late.

I able now to understand why he can’t stand feminism, “the left” and social justice. He directs his wrath at those who stand for victims of social issues as one in the same of those who did not protect or save him from molestation. His own admittance of self-harm as a coping mechanism to his suffering has brought this possibility to mind.

All his behaviours are cries for help. Joking that the upside of being molested by a pedophile in being able to give good “he*d” is saddening, not amusing. It is not British humour, nor is a gallows humour. It is a rationalization that allows him to live with the violation of his identity and brutal theft of his childhood.

Milo’s attacks on others are the actual mirror of how he would like to address those who took his humanity. The tragedy in all this is that there are too many Milos.

And I suspect that followers of Milo are probably just as wounded. They validate Milo’s distortions for the same reasons. These distractions prevent Milo to address his suffering and finding resolution.


I say the above as not even 24 hours after his press conference of apology and alleged circumspection; Milo retracted his words. He expressed blame for his travails on the political left. Being made victim by persecution and manipulation. He even used the time-honoured skill of deflection by falsely conflating the actor and humourist George Takei as the true justifier of molestation.

If only someone in that 24-hour window had reached out to Milo to give him actual support. Paradoxically he was at his most honest and vulnerable needing validation not for his rhetoric but for his suffering. I suspect his lost opportunity to address his errors for now will fuel even more hate and disheartening futility.

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